Taylor Swift Lover Album

Congrats Taylor Swift on the new album!

Love the colors.

I hope to meet you one day!

American Idol was on! Yay!

Well there goes my boot list!

I’ll keep this short and say…

Tristan grew up since last week and she is moving up the ranks with the Alicia Keys style performance!

Olivia didn’t have much of a chance to stay. Liked her positivity.

Gianna’s vocals weren’t there with that song. I will miss her happiness.

Please let Mackenzie sing without the backup singers! They overpowered his voice and hurt his song. I kept yelling at the TV, let him sing alone!!!

Sonika..where was this angry girlfriend? I was with Keith on that one! Her vocals are a Selena Gomez style not Demi Lovato. So don’t expect a growling powering voice.

Trent needs to do his own facial thing if that helps him reach his note. Remember Philip Phillips? Yeah, his face was all over too, but I didn’t mind.

Who do I want booted for next week? …Avalon.

If Demi Lovato came out with songs like, “Stone Cold,” a long time ago, she could have beat Adele with her powerful voice and set the stage.

There’s no American Idol on Tonight..Nooo!

I hurried home from a restaurant to turn on the TV at 8pm to watch the Idols perform, but only to be greeted with some FOX show… Uh! Ahhh. Okay GUIDE check! Whaa? Rosewood? Scrolling to 9pm and… No American Idol?!  Super sad face! =( … Then I googled and read that it’s only Thursday for the remainder of March until the finale. I loved the sing & elimate 2 days! Are ratings that bad to have it once a week now? Come on it’s the season finale! That is why I am super glued to the TV.

Obviously, I wasn’t the only one pouting tonight, since so many online sites are also saying there isn’t Idol tonight. So, here I am to vent. I must have missed the announcement last week. I’ll give Kelly Clarkson that credit. Oh my gosh…that performance was crazy good and seriously teary-eyed emotional..! Those words were so meaningful…was she singing about her dad? Got the judges, Ryan, contestants…me all choked up.

Now onto the predictions!

In one sec… I really thought quirky Jen was going to pull through to the end. So who knows what will happen. There’s a ‘who I want to get the boot‘ list and ‘how it might go down’ list.

The boot…drumroll….ta ta ta ta ta.

Avalon Young. Tired of her. Anyone notice when she gets through a round she only hugs the guys?

Sonika Vaid. Ever since she and Stephany Negrete ditched that girl in group round, I stink eyed those two. As amazing as her voice is, no thanks to the early group drama.

Olivia Rox. She sings too low for me. But she’ll be okay, she has music connections. She did have all those autographs on her guitar.

Tristan McIntosh. Vocals aren’t strong. She’s still young. Love it when my critiques run parallel to the judges. 😉 Her audition totally got me though. 😥

Lee Jean. Fun sounding guitar playing kid. That ‘shh’ to the fans he did twice did get me laughing. Agree with J.Lo’s response on that. Once is fine. But twice? Nah uh!

Trent Harmon. Interesting sound. Underdog for sure.

Gianna Isabella. Oh the girl that got through cause of her mom. Vocals aren’t strong. Still young. I can see Mariah Carey in her. But not there. I like her genuine happiness though.

Dalton Rapattoni. Ahhh the rocker vibe! Love it! He twists the songs and it usually works. I want some Blink-182! Woot woot! Wooting…!

La’Porsha Renae. Girrrl! Powerful voice. Genuine. Yes.

Mackenzie Bourg. Just…genius! His slow guitar songs just hit me! Hit me enough to make him the next American Idol. 😛

…And the ‘how it might go down’ list:

Avalon. Lee. Tristan. Olivia. Mackenzie. Dalton. Trent. Gianna. Sonika. La’Porsha #1.

But there has to be a shocker in there somewhere so maybe La’Porsha will get the boot early…?

Okay I spent about the same time writing as if I was watching Idol… =]



Saturday, February 27, 2016 – Nick. Carter. Concert. ….cue the faint *ahh*

The ‘All American’ tour brought out the  rocker side of Backstreet Boys’s Nick Carter at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA. But his true roots couldn’t stop him, because us fans know and love him from Backstreet Boys, so, he couldn’t just sing his own songs without singing his other BSB hits..!!

As the rock beats of familiar Backstreet Boys music started pumping, we all knew what song was about to come on, screamed, and looked at each other going, ‘OMG! I love this song! He’s going to sing a Backstreet Boys song!!’  Over and over I just wanted him to keep doing a Backstreet Boys show cause that is all I really wanted! The latest single he performed, “19 in 99” is such a jammer! Head nodding pop nostalgia of 1999 couldn’t get me to ever hate being how old that I am to cherish those late 90s memories. The music video is pretty awesome as he looks sexy (when is he not?) singing and dancing at the camera.

Belly Up is a concert venue with off to the side long table service seating. When you walk in, think of it like the lower case “r” and that is where all the tables are for munching as you stare at the stage afar, with plenty of bar… Hah. If you are in the back on that lower end of the “r” you will get an obstructed view thanks to the metal rods holding the venue together.

I didn’t keep track of all his songs, but, I did for most of the Backstreet Boys songs he did…in no particular order. Correct me if I forget.

The Call. As Long As You Love Me(ALAYLM for those who remember it as the acronym ;] ). Just Want You to Know. I Want It That Way. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely. Larger than Life. Everybody.

4 outfit changes. From Clark Kent glasses/ button up and tie, to cardigan, to the black and gold coat he wore in the ’19 in 99′ video, and shirt.

Nick Carter. Thank you for KTBSPA!

That is all.


Nick Carter at Belly Up – 2/27/16 – Solana Beach, CA   @TRLDREAM